Chapter Nineteen: The Clump of Grass

Chapter Nineteen: The Clump of Grass

“We’re close,” Tommy told the group, as they made their way through a clearing.

“You’ve been saying that for ages,” Roger replied, speaking for her friends. She had been going in and out of naps for hours, and after waking up seemingly just to make her comment, she snuggled back in to her cozy spot between Montgomery the Moose’s shoulders. The frogs, who had joined the group also, slept close by.

“It’s true, you’ve said it at least five times,” Montgomery the Mouse responded. In fact, he had been keeping track, and this was the twelfth time, but he wanted to be kind to his friend.

“I know, but this time, I’m sure,” Tommy said with excitement. In his mind, this was a quest a long time in the making; a quest of heroes, even. But he also wondered, don’t heroes usually also mean that there are villains? Was the dragon the map mentioned something they would need to fight? That sounded kind of exciting, but terrifying at the same time. He started to shake a little just thinking about all the possibilities ahead of them. Continue reading “Chapter Nineteen: The Clump of Grass”


Chapter Three: Apple Picking

Chapter Three: Apple Picking

A few days passed since Montgomery and Montgomery met each other. As they spent time together, Montgomery the Mouse would occasionally remember Montgomery the Moose crashing through the cabin wall, and his smile would turn to a giggle – then before he knew it he was laughing so hard he couldn’t stop. And Montgomery the Moose always looked at him and wondered why he was laughing, which only made him laugh more.

It was a beautiful late Summer day in Maine, and the friends were walking around the woods with Montgomery the Mouse riding on Montgomery the Moose’s head. He was trying to hold back his giggle – he’d fallen off only about half an hour earlier, and didn’t want to fall off again.

As they came through a densely packed area into a clearing, they heard some talking and laughing. They looked down the rows of apple trees and saw people – many of them in groups of three or four – pulling apples off the trees. They all looked like they were enjoying it – especially the smaller people, who were giggling as they tried to climb onto the bigger people to reach the apples that were up high.

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Chapter One: Moose Meets Mouse

Chapter One: Moose Meets Mouse

Montgomery the Moose by Sam Jackson (age 9)

Deep in the woods of Maine, Montgomery the Moose was looking for his favorite food – chocolate.

He often found some small pieces – or even giant candy bars – when humans stayed in the woods in strange fabric houses. They must not like the houses very much, he thought, because they always took them away after a day or two. Sometimes when the humans were away from their houses, he would try to go into one to see what they were like inside, but it never really worked; he tried going through the doors that people went through, but he couldn’t seem to open them. He pushed, but the whole house would move. So he pushed again, and it moved some more. So he pushed again, and this time the whole house collapsed. Then it was quite a fun thing to walk on – very soft and made fun popping noises.

But today he couldn’t find any small fabric houses, so he just sniffed around where he’d seen houses before. He sniffed the ground and found some nuts and raisins, so he thought he might find some chocolate chips nearby. So he sniffed some more and found some.

He opened his mouth to gobble them up.

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