Chapter Two: Elsewhere… The Frogs of Central Park

Chapter Two: Elsewhere… The Frogs of Central Park

Fall was always Freddie’s favorite time of year in Central Park. As the weather cooled, so did the activity. Not so many boats out on the pond, not so many noisy people with loud dogs. And the leaves turned from bright green to amber, yellow, and a deep auburn that was his favorite, signaling that it was almost time to dig deep into the mud and rest for the winter.

But this fall had been very mild, and today was a beautiful day in Central Park. Every time Freddie poked his head out of the water, a boat came close. He was surprised to find, though, that he actually didn’t mind it – in fact, he enjoyed it.

“It’s like Summer missed being here and wanted to come back to say hi,” he told his friend Francesca.

“Yeah,” she replied, less sure of the situation as she dodged an oar that was swinging through the air close to them. “It’s like it wanted to come back and hit you in the head.” Continue reading “Chapter Two: Elsewhere… The Frogs of Central Park”