The Adventures of Joy: Joy’s Best Birthday Ever!

The Adventures of Joy: Joy’s Best Birthday Ever!

Joy woke up from her third nap of the day with a big yawn, and stretched her furry front legs out as far as they could reach. She rolled over onto a fresh part of the bed, and wondered whether she should stroll into the living room to ask for food or just go back to sleep, but before she reached a decision, her eyes closed and she was dreaming about chasing a mouse around the kitchen once more.

Cats like to nap a lot, and anyone who knows Joy would tell you that she is most definitely a cat. She walks like a cat, talks like a cat, and could win any cat-napping contest she was entered for. And when she sleeps, she only ever dreams about two things: she dreams about chasing mice around various parts of the house, and she dreams about the wonderful feeling of falling asleep on the bed (which usually leads to dreaming about chasing mice around various parts of the house…).

Something Joy loves as much as napping, though, is food. It wasn’t long before she heard a door open and close again, and she decided with a yawn and a stretch to go see who was going to feed her this time.

“Hi, Joy,” came a sweet little voice with a friendly smile and a wave. It was her big brother, Sam, whom she loved very much (she was pretty sure his name was Sam, because she heard the other big people say “Sam” in different ways about a hundred times a day – “Sam,” “SAM,” “Sam,” “Saaa-aaam…,” but it was possible his name was “Bud,” “Pumpkin,” or “Buggaboo”; she could never be completely sure).

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The Adventures of Joy: Joy and the Aa-tick

The Adventures of Joy: Joy and the Aa-tick

Joy lay on the bed – half-awake, half-asleep – with her ears perked up, listening to Sam building a train track in the living room.

She recognized all the clanking noises as pieces went together, and enjoyed hearing her big brother saying “Chugga-chugga, chugga-chugga, chugga-chugga, CHOO! CHOO!” and other sounds. She always wondered why he made those sounds, since the trains didn’t make any noise. Sometimes at night, after Sam and the big people went to bed, Joy would push the trains around a little just to check if they made any noises, but they never did. Once, after hours of thinking about it, she felt brave enough to push the red train along the track with her nose, and she was so excited when she got it to the top of a ramp and onto a bridge that she thought she would do this every night instead of sleeping, but when the train rolled down the other side and fell off a curve in the track onto the hardwood floor, the loud clunk made her desperately leap up into the air for safety; she hid under a folded-up blanket, her heart racing, and didn’t come out until Sam gave her food the next morning.

She loved hearing him play, though, and it sounded like he’d found what he called a “helicopter” to play with now – “Bedabedabedabedabedabeda,” came the sound from the living room.

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The Adventures of Joy: Joy Looks After Sam

The Adventures of Joy: Joy Looks After Sam

Joy looked up at the cup that held her food. The big people kept it on the second shelf, which would be no problem for Joy to jump to if it wasn’t also full of other things; people food, she thought. But why did they do that? Didn’t they know that it meant she couldn’t reach her food? Maybe if she could reach it, she wouldn’t need to ask them to feed her so much… Then she could be much more independent, like cats are supposed to be.

“Maybe if I just jump really hard, I can push some of the other stuff out of the way, and I could stand up there,” she thought.

She glanced around. They still weren’t home, and they’d been gone all day. Joy was always hungry anyway, even if she’d just eaten (in fact, she was hungry even while she was eating), so she decided to try.

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