Montgomery and Montgomery, Chapter Nineteen: The Origin of Ringo, the Unpredictable Horse, part one

Montgomery and Montgomery, Chapter Nineteen: The Origin of Ringo, the Unpredictable Horse, part one

The problem with finding the unpredictable horse was that, well, he was unpredictable. He always had been.

Of course, his name was not really Unpredictable Horse. His name was Ringo.

He grew up on a farm in Colorado in the late 1990s, along with two dozen other horses. While others would follow the humans around, and respond to calls and training, Ringo would look off into the vast skies to stare at the rock formations and mountains in the distance, and use his hooves to draw pictures of what he saw in the dirt.

When no humans were around, he would sometimes climb trees. It was hard to do at first – he was a horse after all. But even as a foal he was the most goat-like horse you could imagine, and just like a goat, he could climb. Continue reading “Montgomery and Montgomery, Chapter Nineteen: The Origin of Ringo, the Unpredictable Horse, part one”


Montgomery and Montgomery, Chapter Eighteen: Notmike

Montgomery and Montgomery, Chapter Eighteen: Notmike

“Okay then, Montgomery the Moose and friends, let’s get started,” said the great purple dragon who called himself The Scary Stanley.

Montgomery wasn’t sure what that meant. He was just happy to be reunited with most of his friends, although he was concerned about where Tommy was.

He waited for The Scary Stanley to say more about what he wanted Montgomery to do, but the dragon said nothing. After a pause, Montgomery realized that The Scary Stanley was waiting for him.

“So…” Montgomery started, hoping that something would follow. Nothing. He gave up. “What am I supposed to be doing again?” Continue reading “Montgomery and Montgomery, Chapter Eighteen: Notmike”

Montgomery and Montgomery, Chapter Seventeen

Montgomery and Montgomery, Chapter Seventeen


“You’re looking for your sons?” Montgomery the Moose asked, already sure of which sons the small woman was talking about.

“Jerry and Tommy,” she replied. “They’re about my size. Have you seen them?”

Montgomery was too surprised to know what to say, but the Chocolate Lab replied “No. Who are you, and what are you doing here?”

“I’m Dorothy,” Jerry and Tommy’s mother replied. After examining the Chocolate Lab closely, she continued gently, “You don’t remember me, do you, Fred?”

The Chocolate Lab’s whole demeanor suddenly softened, as if considering a long-forgotten memory and trying it on for size. He used to have recurring daydreams of being a dog that was made out of flesh, bones, and fur – not chocolate – and going on adventures with two small companions, as a team of some sort, but those dreams faded away a long time ago. Now they all came flooding back to him – Dorothy was one of his companions. And they weren’t dreams. They were memories. Continue reading “Montgomery and Montgomery, Chapter Seventeen”

Montgomery and Montgomery, Chapter Sixteen

Montgomery and Montgomery, Chapter Sixteen

The Coconut

Roger the Racoon was hungry and thirsty. Since arriving in this land, all she could think about was finding her friends, but now her tummy was rumbling. She needed food.

The bushes weren’t a kind she recognized, and they were empty of fruit. She couldn’t find any insects either. But up ahead she saw some trees. Surely she’d find something there.

She climbed up one particularly odd tree – it had a tall bare trunk which suddenly bulged out at the top like it had exploded. There were giant leaf-like branches with dozens of long, thin leaves coming off each one. And below the leaves, tucked into the tree’s bulge like a nest of some kind, were enormous green seeds of some kind – bigger than any seeds she’d ever seen. Continue reading “Montgomery and Montgomery, Chapter Sixteen”

World of Montgomery: Bobby the Alien, Chapter Two

World of Montgomery: Bobby the Alien, Chapter Two

“Magic is broken,” Spaceship said.

The human hipster male nodded, and looked at Bobby through his glasses to see if he was following.

Bobby was not following.

“Broken…?” He paused. “Magic…?” He paused again. This pause was long enough that Spaceship wondered if Bobby’s next question was going to be IS…?!

“Indeed,” confirmed the human hipster male finally. “And you were sent here to find the creature who is going to fix everything.” Continue reading “World of Montgomery: Bobby the Alien, Chapter Two”

Montgomery and Montgomery, Chapter Fifteen

Montgomery and Montgomery, Chapter Fifteen

The Cave

Montgomery the Mouse scampered through the grass as quickly as his little legs could carry him. Open space like this made him nervous, especially on such a bright day, when it would be so easy for a bird of prey to spot him.

Why was it so bright, anyway? The last thing he could remember, he was in the cold early winter weather of Maine with all his friends, but now he was in hot, bright, summer sunlight, all alone. And even the sunlight didn’t seem right – it seemed to be coming from everywhere at once.

He wondered if this was a dream. Surely it was a dream.

“Montgomery! Over here!” It was Jerry. He was higher up on a hillside far away – at least twenty feet, which is a lot when you’re as small as they are. Luckily for Montgomery, mice can run fast when they need to.

As he sprinted he saw a shadow overhead – a large bird of some kind, which was his biggest fear. His heart beat faster than it ever had before, and he kept running. Keep going, he told himself. You can do it. Continue reading “Montgomery and Montgomery, Chapter Fifteen”

World of Montgomery: Bobby the Alien, Chapter One

World of Montgomery: Bobby the Alien, Chapter One

Spaceship ran on solar power. Which was great. Most of the time.

Spaceship was also super chatty. Which was great. Most of the time.

The problem always came when she was super chatty while they were flying under the clouds on overcast days.

“Isn’t it a wonderful day? I mean, I know it’s cloudy and everything, but really, life is just wonderful, isn’t it, and I love flying you around and taking you from place to place and seeing everything on all these different planets. It’s just weird, though, don’t you think, how all these planets look the same and oh no I’m running out of power I’m going to have to… shut… dooownnn… nooooooowwww…”

And with that, Spaceship shut down, and plummeted towards the ground.

“Ugh,” said Bobby to himself. “Not again…” Continue reading “World of Montgomery: Bobby the Alien, Chapter One”